Exam Syllabus

Information about various topics asked in the exam.

SBI SO Syllabus

There are various posts which SBI recruits through SBI SO examination and there are different question papers set for all the aspirants of different posts. Given below is the professional knowledge section of the question paper provided according to the posts under SBI SO. 

  • Chartered Accountant: Accounting Standards, Accounting Guidance Note, Financial Report Standards, Indian Accounting Standards, Corporate Financial Reporting, Accounting and Reporting of Financial Instrument, Share-based Payment, Liability Valuation, Share, Business valuation, Inflation Accounting, Indian Capital Market, Mutual Funds, Foreign Exchanges, Auditing etc.
  • Statistician: Basic Statistical Methods and Inference, Uni-Variate Data, Bi-Variate Data, Time series forecasting, Sampling Concepts, Sampling Distribution, Estimations Theory, Simple Regression, Multiple Regression, Variance Analysis, Banking-Insurance, Financial Market, Foreign Exchanges, Forecasting Portfolio etc.
  • Law Officer: Banking Regulated Laws, Banking Security Laws, Negotiable Instruments, Ethics and Corporate Governance in Banking, Financial Analysis, Banking Operational Laws, Banker-Customer Relations, Electronic Banking, Loans and Advances, Compliance and Legal Aspects, Security Types and Regulatory Frameworks etc.
  • Systems Officer/IT Officer: Computer Networks and Basic Programing Languages (C, C++, Java), Data Base Management Systems (DBMS), Basic concepts of Software and Hardware, Data Structures, Computer Organization, Computer Networks, Network Programming, Algorithms, Digital Electronics, Web Technologies, Information Systems and Software Engineering etc.

Question paper 1 mainly consists of the topics from Reasoning Abilities, Quantitative Abilities and English Language. The topics covered in this section are as follows:

Reasoning Ability Quantitative Aptitude English
Classification Average Synonyms
Alphabet Test Boats & Streams Antonyms
Eligibility Test Clocks Vocabulary
Analogy Decimal & Fractions Cloze Test
Logical Sequence of Words HCF and LCM Conclusion
Puzzle Test Line Graphs Verb
Alpha-Numeric Sequence Puzzle Logarithms Comprehension
Inserting the Missing Character Mensuration Word Formation
Logic Mixtures & Alligations Adverb
Data Sufficiency Compound Interest Error Correction
Theme Detection Time, Speed & Distance Theme Detection
Coding-Decoding Profit & Loss Grammar
Logical Venn-Diagrams Permutation & Combination Fill in the blanks
Situation Reaction Test Probability Articles
Statement-Arguments Problems on Ages Unseen Passages
Series-Completion Problems on Trains Idioms & Phrases
Clocks & Calendars Roots Tenses
Direction Sense Test Simplification Passage Correction
Statement-Conclusions Time & Work Idioms & Phrases
Arithmetic Reasoning Volume & Surface Sentence Correction
Mathematical Operations Area Passage Completion
Number, Ranking & Time Sequence Number System & Simplification Sentence Completion
Deriving Conclusion from Passages Unitary Method Subject-Verb Agreement
  Problem-based on Numbers Sentence Rearrangement
  Ratio & Proportion  
  Simple Interest & Compound Interest