RBI Grade B Phase I exam is around the corner. The exam is going to be held on 17th June 2017. The exam is for filling around 161 vacancies for the post of Grade B Officers. We hope you have already completed most of your preparations. RBI Grade B is one of the most sought after jobs in the banking sector with great pay and brilliant work profile.

Right now you need only some time management tips to take care of preparations during the exam day. Here we provide you RBI Grade B Last Minute Tips on Time Management for the Phase I exams.

Know how to manage time

There is no sectional duration of time in the exam. You must come up with your own time management strategy so that you can complete your paper on time by answering maximum questions. This means you must decide the order of attempt, allot specific time to specific section and be aware of how much time actually is in your hands. Read below to plan better:

Overall Time in Hand

  • You have two hours in total for the entire examination.
  • Considering all sections, you have to solve 200 questions in total.
  • This means you have to devote 36 seconds per question. However, if you take away around 10-15 minutes for reading questions and switching between them, you are left with in total 105-110 minutes to solve the actual paper. This means you dont have more than 30 seconds to undertand & solve each question.

Sectional Division of Time

  • English Language section can be done quickly if paid attention to. Try to finish each question in 30 seconds so you can be done with English in 15 minutes.
  • General Awareness questions are easy to solve. Practice solving them in 15 seconds per question if they are easy and 20 seconds per question if they are difficult. This means you dont have to spend more than 25-30 minutes on this section.
  • Reasoning questions are on the difficult side. This is why you should finish two sections quickly and save around 40 minutes for this section. Here you can have 1 min 30 seconds for each question.
  • Quantitative Aptitude section is also hard to solve. You have around 20 minutes for this section i.e 1 min 30 sec for each question.

Order of Attempt

  • Based on how easy and difficult sections may be, you may follow following priority in particular order.
    1. English Language
    2. General Awareness
    3. Reasoning
    4. Quant
  • If you are able to solve English and General Awareness questions in the first hour, you should be able to finish Reasoning and Quant in the next hour.

All the Best !!